Pitch Madness on Twitter

Today is Pitch Madness on Twitter! Here’s the scoop on Celia:

History’s proven that skeletons are claustrophobic – if you shut them up in a closet they’re going to get out.

The summer twelve-year-old Celia Narro walks into her new closet in tiny White Birch Cove she steps back through a century of skeletons into a new outfit: leader of The Mis(s)fits, a club sworn to defeat a prejudiced secret society.

All Celia wants is a one-way ticket back to New York City, where she’s oh-so-close to her big break in fashion. Treasure hidden by her new home’s previous owner seems tailor-made – for years the whole town’s been dying to get their hands on it. With history disappearing around them Celia and twelve-year-old Joe Eli, a Renaissance Fair geek, get to work.

But seriously, it’s the worst way to win new friends ever: Celia and the geek versus the most popular girl in her class-to-be, a girl with the home-field advantage, family ties to the secret society and designs on Joe. The trail winds through nettles, traps and explosions, coming to a dead stop when Joe’s kidnapped. If you were in Celia’s designer shoes, would you give up your best friend AND your dreams to save a life? One answer will send White Birch Cove spiraling back to a time when women and minorities lived lives dictated by gunpoint, taking Celia’s future along with it.

The Mis(s)fits: Lost Soles struts down the catwalk at 35,000 words as a contemporary middle grade mystery, giving fans of stylish detectives like Nancy Drew a front-row seat to mystery, adventure and budding romance.


About empirewriter

I am a baker/writer lucky enough to live in northern Michigan. Google+ Heather Harris-Brady

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