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Character Sellouts?

by Heather Harris Brady

Like many people in the writing world I’ve been following the progress of Find Me I’m Yours. After all, I work in a tech field, I write and on the side I watch my two kids increasing bond with their school-issued ipads. In a post late last week on The Kill Zone, Mark Alpert called out the fuzzy gray area this story treads. I’m reposting it here because, frankly, if it’s all true it creeps me out.

E-Book Mingles Love and Product Placement

Believing the Impossible

Although I’ve been a writer all my life, from stapling my own little encyclopedias together during snow days to high school newspaper and on from there. However, I’m only about four years into my journey as a fiction writer. During that time I’ve come to a good many realizations, one of which is – my mind works against me A LOT, constantly questioning and saying “THAT could never happen”.

So, to teach it a lesson, I’ve been working on a speculative fiction story as a NANOWRIMO fling. It’s got magic, a dual world ruled by women and many other exciting, potentially wonderful things. But even magic has to have some rules or there wouldn’t be consequences – you’d be able to “magik” your way out of every bad decision.

Luckily there are lots of amazing writers in this realm who’ve shared tips online, and I’m only going to list a few here, in case you’re considering your own magical journey – or maybe you’re in the middle of one right now!

Character-Driven Hero’s Journey
Brandon Sanderson’s First Law of Magic
Brandon Sanderson’s Second Law of Magic
Brandon Sanderson’s Third Law of Magic