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2012: A Year in Writing & Reading

What we’re reading:

The 4th grader – Goddess Girls and The Sisters Club series

The h.s. freshman – The Secret History of the MI6

Me – The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

Completed Manuscripts:
1) The Mis(s)fits – All That Glitters, Middle Grade Contemporary Mystery (Agent Round: Hook, Line & Sinker Contest at

Works in Progress:
1) Fiona Hartzgold’s Family Tree, Middle Grade Magical Realism
2) Glamour Kitty, Middle Grade Contemporary Mystery
3) The Artsy-Fartsy Field Guide: Major Movements – Middle Grade Non-Fiction Kickstarter Project (Jan. 2013)

Lasting Impressions

Since it’s nearly impossible to think about anything else at the moment, I wanted to send love and support to Sandy Hook. I sent my own two children off to school this morning, just you probably did, serene in the knowledge that I will be seeing them again this afternoon. But circumstances show that this not necessarily the case, don’t they?

Coincidentally I received my annual holiday card from my elementary-high school art teacher just as I have every year for the past 20+ years since  graduation. Now retired she was once one of the unarmed, caring people we entrust with our children every day. People, who in my opinion, deserve our utmost respect. They are building the future upon which our country rests. It is an incredibly difficult job.

All too often they are called upon to cope with problems that migrate in from outside the classroom, while meeting ever more stringent demands imposed by standardized testing, changing structures and changing technology.  That is not to say that they are not human, they are. As with any workplace some are more suited to it than others.

So as we deal with yet more grief and loss of innocent lives today, I hope you will take a minute to think about some of your great teachers (from classrooms and elsewhere). Maybe write them a note, and thank them for being able to do so. This world needs a lot of healing, and it’s a place to start.

Gifts for Young Writers

Like me, you probably buy a lot of books for the holidays. I wanted to take a minute to mention a gift that keeps giving all year around: the Letters to Kids program through Both my children are avid readers and writers, so I am hoping that these letters will inspire them to keep writing. I bought a membership for my daughter as soon as the program, and she just received a letter from Lisa Yee last week.

I see that they have put a few examples on their website, including the amazing story from Alex Rex!