Monthly Archives: November 2012

Finding Your Bearings

Full of excitement, I plunged into a new project for Nanowrimo and typed away madly. Somewhere along the line madness gave way to sanity and I started a beat sheet, ala Save the Cat. But, the marvelous Jamie Gold has one amazing spreadsheet on her blog! Just Google Jamie Gold, beat sheet and  you should find it. It’s amazing, and saved me oodles of time in clarifying my thoughts. You can adjust the word count and the sheet calculates to give you page estimates according to the story beats, helping you arrive at your goal. Thank you Jamie, wherever you are!

Nanowrimo and Baker’s Dozen

Okay, so – confession time, my Nanowrimo tally is embarrassing. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone with a middle grade sci-fi farce, just to exercise my writing muscles, and frankly it’s slowing me down. I stop, I look things up, yadda, yadda, yadda. Plus, after finishing up The Mis(s)fits it seems like I’m having trouble bonding with a new set of characters. Does that happen to everyone? If you’d like to play armchair writer-psychologist I’d appreciate some writerly advice in the comments.

Speaking of The Mis(s)fits, Celia’s stepping into the ring over at Miss Snark’s as part of the Baker’s Dozen Round 1 – we’re entry #126. Please stop by and wish us luck!