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Pitch Madness on Twitter

Today is Pitch Madness on Twitter! Here’s the scoop on Celia:

History’s proven that skeletons are claustrophobic – if you shut them up in a closet they’re going to get out.

The summer twelve-year-old Celia Narro walks into her new closet in tiny White Birch Cove she steps back through a century of skeletons into a new outfit: leader of The Mis(s)fits, a club sworn to defeat a prejudiced secret society.

All Celia wants is a one-way ticket back to New York City, where she’s oh-so-close to her big break in fashion. Treasure hidden by her new home’s previous owner seems tailor-made – for years the whole town’s been dying to get their hands on it. With history disappearing around them Celia and twelve-year-old Joe Eli, a Renaissance Fair geek, get to work.

But seriously, it’s the worst way to win new friends ever: Celia and the geek versus the most popular girl in her class-to-be, a girl with the home-field advantage, family ties to the secret society and designs on Joe. The trail winds through nettles, traps and explosions, coming to a dead stop when Joe’s kidnapped. If you were in Celia’s designer shoes, would you give up your best friend AND your dreams to save a life? One answer will send White Birch Cove spiraling back to a time when women and minorities lived lives dictated by gunpoint, taking Celia’s future along with it.

The Mis(s)fits: Lost Soles struts down the catwalk at 35,000 words as a contemporary middle grade mystery, giving fans of stylish detectives like Nancy Drew a front-row seat to mystery, adventure and budding romance.

YA and Scifi Contest, Deadline Jan. 31

There’s a new Dear Lucky Agent contest open at Writer’s Digest:
So if you’re writing either a science fiction novel (adults or teens) or any kind of young adult novel, this 13th contest is for you! (The contest is live through January 31, 2013.)

Good luck writers!

Roman Hairstyles

As a former student of latin and mythology, I have a geeky place in my heart for things Greek and Roman. But a hairdressing archaeologist, how cool is that?

Check out this video!

She has other historic hairstyles posted too, like The Aphrodite knot, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

60 Seconds with the Meter Maid: What’s Today Like?

The Meter Maid is my poet alter-ego. I’ve given her permission to start posting. . .

What’s Today Like?

January, 2013



when you’ve swallowed a sneeze

and your hound dog has fleas,


you’ve fallen down and skinned both knees,

it might be another bad day.


you’ve riled up some bees

and running made you wheeze


wind pulled your kite up in the trees,

it might be another a bad day.


you forgot to say “Please”

then brought home a few Ds


your pizza’s too light on the cheese,

it might be another bad day.


when Mom’s run out of peas

and that test was a breeze. . .


No way! Yes, I’m happy to say,

this could be a very good day.