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Harriet Quimby

Harriet Quimby is the perfect woman for my first post: she was born very close to here (in Arcadia, Michigan), she was a writer, photographer, race car driver AND the first woman in the US to receive a pilot’s license. She also did it with style, creating a one-piece purple flying suit so she would be recognizable. She was the first woman to fly across the English Channel, but as the Titanic sank two days earlier, the accomplishment got lost.

Flying captured the imagination of everyone in a way hard to imagine today. Flying clubs popped up across the globe, leading eventually to Amelia Earhart and the WASPs (Women’s Air Service Pilots) who we’ll take a look at another day.

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Thinking Ahead – Women’s History Month

by Heather Harris-Brady

Every year at our school the fourth grade puts on a wax museum in the spring where the students dress as a character from history and visitors must guess who they are.  The big names, like Amelia Earhart, are gone early.  I started to suggest a list of possible candidates: Florence Nightingale, Mata Hari, Anna Pavlova, Dolly Madison, and so on. My daughter looked at me with her big blue eyes.

“Mama, I don’t know who most of these are and no one else will either.” To be honest I was a bit shocked. But then again, women’s history is sadly neglected in my opinion.  This extends to the children’s bookshelves. The fact that it’s labeled as such at all sticks in my craw a bit, because in truth – as 50% of the population on this planet are we not as fully a part of history?

So, I am getting a head start on National Women’s History Month. I’ll be featuring some amazing women on this blog and I hope you’ll join me in helping our daughters get to know more about those who blazed the trail for us.

She still hasn’t decided who she’s going to be. Her big brother, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, suggested Marie Antoinette. . .