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If you’re going to talk the talk. . .


by Heather Harris Brady

Last week presented a wake-up call for me. As anyone who reads this blog knows, education for girls is something very near and dear to me. So when my daughter’s amazing teachers nominated her for an important local award (Outstanding Math & Science Student), I was very proud.

Now I don’t hesitate to run with her to the mall to find something special for the Daddy Daughter Dance. We both look forward to it and it’s a nice thing. But if I’m so into girls excelling at all subjects, including non-traditional, shouldn’t I treat this occasion this same? After all, she’s earned this through hard work and dedication. My answer to myself, as you can see above, is yes. It gave me a chance to think what this world would be like if our girls got fancy dresses and corsages for academic achievements, rather than setting them aside only for a girl’s ability to get a date to a dance.

Now I’m not saying that everyone has to do this. My family certainly couldn’t afford it when I was young. If you have the chance or another way to celebrate these academic achievements – do it, in as big a way as you can. There are oh-so-many girls in this world who will never get these opportunities. By the way, I also made a donation to Camfed in her name.

Workshops smerkshops

As I continue to hone my craft, painful shaving by painful shaving, I’m testing out a few different resources.

1) Skillshare: I just started a workshop on humor writing with Grace Bello. My first short story is due next Friday. It was very affordable ($12), you can adapt the assignments to fit your schedule and it only last six weeks. This is my first Skillshare experience so I’ll let you know how it goes.

2) Writer’s Digest Live Webinar: I’ve signed up for Mary Kole’s webinar on writing for the young adult and middle grade market. It was a little more pricey, at $89. (I also used an online coupon.) While you can view archived sessions, to ask live questions you need to log in real-time. It includes a partial critique after the session so I’ll definitely take advantage of that perk.

3) SCBWI Fall Conference: The Dude and I will be taking a long weekend soon and decamping to Detroit for this little soiree. I’ve signed up for a writing workshop with Libba Bray Friday afternoon and then we have a slate of sessions on Saturday. This will be my first Michigan SCBWI experience so I’m looking forward to it.

Best of luck to those continuing on with GUTGAA!