Middle Grade Crafts: Bookmarks

bookmark1_mgmysteries    bookmark2_mgmysteries

by Heather Harris Brady

Since it’s the holidays I thought I would post a quick little craft middle graders can easily make for their teachers or other special people this holiday. These bookmarks are stretchy, so they will work on many sizes of books. You can use any regular elastic, but the fold-over type comes in lots of pretty colors and it’s shiny on one side.

Here’s what you need (for each one):

  • 20″ of fold-over elastic (You can find this on etsy or ebay, usually for less than .79 cents per yard)
  • Decorations: We used paper flowers, buttons, beads and rhinestones.


  1. Fold the elastic in half, shiny side out, and tie a knot in the top about 1.5 inches down.
  2. Arrange your decorations. The ones shown are little stacks of paper flowers, and a button on top.
  3. Sew through the stack of decorations with a needle and thread, making several passes through to hold it securely.
  4. Find the rough center on one side of the bookmark. Sew the decoration onto the bookmark, again making several passes through to hold it securely. Cut and knot the thread.
  5. We finished them with a few heat-set rhinestones, but if you don’t have a rhinestone setter you can sew or glue on more beads, sequins, etc.


About empirewriter

I am a baker/writer lucky enough to live in northern Michigan. Google+ Heather Harris-Brady

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